Eliminate Gutter Cleaning Forever

With thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers, HomeCraft Is the largest gutter guard company in the southeast. We provide the most effective debris-blocking gutter protection system on the market.

Maximum Water Flow

Because our gutter guard does not have a bulky substructure underneath the screen, our product can take in 100% of the water with no problem. 

Protection From Elements

Our patented, stainless steel, micro-mesh screen is woven so tightly that not even the smallest debris will get into your gutters. 

Raised Screen Technology

Our product remains strong because of the raised-screen diamond pattern. This design also elevates  the debris so it will be blown off easily. 

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  • HomeCraft Gutter Protection's Gutter Guard keeps leaves, pine needles and roof shingle grit out of your gutters, all while providing maximum water flow through your gutter. 
  • The stainless steel micro-mesh gutter cover will keep mosquitoes, wasps, birds, rodents and other annoying  critters from getting into your gutters! 
  • HomeCraft Gutter Guard will install on any type of roof or gutter, guaranteed!
  • You will never have to hire gutter cleaning services ever again! 

Our gutter guards are made of a stainless steel micro-mesh that will keep you from gutter cleaning


  • The HomeCraft Gutter Guard is made from hardened 304 marine-grade stainless steel that is so finely woven  it will keep out even the smallest debris
  • The HomeCraft Gutter Guard will provide you with a valuable asset for years to come because only the highest quality materials are used
  • The HomeCraft Gutter Guard incorporates the most updated technology available
  • Our micro-mesh combined with aluminum extruded sides provide the perfect amount of strength and flexibility for the ultimate gutter protection

Take an inside look at our gutter guard. Our design is a patented unique design.


Our patented raised-screen technology allows our product to perform significantly better than other competitors.

  • This unique patented design allows 100% of the water to filter into the holes in the stainless steel micro-mesh because there is no metal substructure underneath to block the holes.
  • All of our competitors use a metal substructure underneath the mesh, which is old technology. This substructure causes as much as 80% of the holes in their mesh to be useless in filtering rain water. Conversely,  this makes their product only about 20% effective.
  • Because  there is no metal support needed under HomeCraft's stainless steel mesh, we can bend the mesh to easily fit onto the most difficult gutter-to-roof scenario

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Installs Onto Your Existing Gutter

HomeCraft Gutter Guard will install on any type of roof or gutter, guaranteed! 

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With purchasing our gutter guards, you will receive a lifetime transferable warranty

With purchasing our gutter guards, you will receive a lifetime transferable warranty


With our lifetime transferable warranty, you will enjoy the peace of mind of never having to worry about your gutters again.


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