Gutter guards, gutter covers, gutter protection. They're all the same, ours is just better.

There are many different names that gutter guards go by, such as gutter guards, gutter covers, gutter protection, leaf guards, and leaf covers. While they are all made for the same job, to keep debris out of your gutters, our product just does it better. Compare below.

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DIY Gutter Guards

"Do it yourself" gutter guards may be the cheaper option, but they are poor quality gutter covers

DIY gutter guards would be the cheapest way to get gutter guards put on your home, but they are very poor quality. These DIY Home Depot systems are required to be cleaned twice a year and don't hold up well. So, while this may temporarily get the job done, you will still have to hire gutter cleaners twice a year, or you will have to clean them out yourself.

One-Piece Reverse Curve

Reverse curve gutter guards require new gutter installations.

One-piece louvered gutter systems, also known as reverse curve, allow all sorts of debris into your gutter system because of the gap in the system. Wasp and bees often build their nest in these systems. Also, these systems don't attach to your existing gutters, they requires brand new gutters, which makes them quite pricey.

Helmet/Hood Styles

Helmet gutter guards will impact the roof and shingles of your home.

A question that homeowners often forget to ask is how new gutter guards will impact their roof and shingles. Disturbing your roof and shingles by attaching gutter guards under your first row of shingles can void your warranty and may also allow water to penetrate your home causing damage. Gutter helmets/hoods can cause damage to your roof and shingles.

Plastic/Vinyl Gutter Guards

Plastic gutter guards will crack, corrode, and fall a part.

Whether your plastic gutter guard is professionally installed or installed by yourself, the result is the same. They warp, crack, corrode and fall apart. Your roof can get up to 200+ degrees in the summer time, which causes a very big issue with these types of systems because plastic is not made to withstand temperatures that high.

No Gutter Guards At All

You will have to hire gutter cleaning services by not having gutter guards on your home.

Open face gutters with no sort of gutter cover can cause big issues to your home. While it may be cheapest option in the short run to have them cleaned a few times a year, it's not a permanent solution to the problem. It becomes a costly annual expense to hire a gutter cleaning company, and if you are cleaning them out yourself, it can be dangerous. Learn more as to why you should choose gutter guards over gutter cleaning by clicking they button below.

Cleaning vs. guter guard

Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh

Stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards are the best option when it comes to gutter guards.

Stainless Steel Rain Gutter Guards are made from high-quality steel that's finely woven so it will keep out even the smallest debris. They will provide you with a valuable asset for years to come. Stainless Steel micro-mesh combined with aluminum extruded sides provides the perfect amount of strength and rigidity so it wont collapse or corrode. You will never have to hire a gutter cleaning service again with these gutter guards. 

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HomeCraft Gutter Guard Protects Against All Elements

Protects against all elements


Without gutter guards on our home, birds can make nests in your gutters.


Without gutter guards, squirrels can also climb into your gutters and destroy your gutter system


Our gutter guards will keep leaves out of your gutters.

Shingle Grit

Our stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards will keep shingle grit out of your gutters

Pine Needles

Our micro-mesh gutter guards are so finely woven that not even pine needles can enter your gutters


Insects will find a way to build nests in your gutters if you do not have good gutter guards

With the purchase of our gutter guards, we have a lifetime transferable warranty.


With our lifetime transferable warranty, you will enjoy the peace of mind of never having to worry about your gutters again.

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